The Universal Guide to React Architecture

2024 Edition

Tao of React contains proven rules and guidelines to build better front-end applications. Learn everything about application structure, component design, testing and performance.

Always updated with the latest trends. Next update to come when React 19 is officially released.

Your next step after the fundamentals.

You take a React course and you learn the fundamentals. You can build simple applications and know how things work. You start building your first larger project and questions pop up. There are many resources that can teach you the little pieces. No one tells you how to put them together to build real applications.

  • How do I structure my project so it's easy to maintain?
  • How do I make my components more reusable and where do I put them?
  • How do I test my components and what should I test?

Most applications need to be extended, modified and supported. To work productively you need more than just knowledge of React. You need to know how to structure a codebase, what practices to follow when building components and how to make trade offs.

Let me help you out. Through trial and error I've formulated a set of principles that I follow when working with React. I've learned them the hard way but you don't have to.

For beginners and intermediate React developers.

Tao of React is for beginners who want to advance further in their knowledge. The best time to read it is when you've grasped the fundamentals and are starting to build real applications.

This book isn't a React 101. It builds on top of the core concepts and helps you form the right principles. What exactly do you need to know? Basic state management, props, hooks and the component lifecycle.

If you've built an application following a tutorial and you're wandering how you can scale it - this is for you. If you started building a project and you were confused about structuring it - this is for you. If you're not sure how to organize your components and name them - this is for you.

Tao of React will help you go to from beginner to intermediate by helping you understand core principles about software design.


Each chapter contains a set of concise and simply put rules to follow as you build the next great application. You don't have to read them in a particular order. Dive in and learn what's most interesting to you.


High level concepts and decisions that make a codebase modular and extensible. You will learn how to structure a project, manage duplication and handle business logic.

Component Design

Low level details are as important as high level ones. The component rules will teach you how to name, organise and design components


Development is never final. We'll learn principles about testing that will help us maintain quality and stability as our application grows and changes


It doesn't matter how good your product is if it's slow. We'll explore core performance principles to keep in mind as we develop the next big thing


Each rule is a concise, self-contained principle that teaches you how to build better React applications. They are straight to the point without unnecessary explanations and noise. Reading them in order helps, but you can use the book as a reference and hop from principle to principle.

// 👎 Avoid unnamed components
export default () => <form>...</form>
// 👍 Name your components
export default function SignupForm() {
  return <form>...</form>

Get a glimpse

Tao of React started as a long form blog post that I could share with junior colleagues, and friends who wanted to get better at React. The feedback for it was incredible.

The article was shared in React Status and the newsletter. I was asked why it wasn't a complete e-book. Well, now it is - more than twice the size and with better examples.

I still update that article as a free version of Tao of React. Read it for free here.

No email or credit card required.

What do people say?

Tao of React was voted #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt when it was released.

Tao of React - A book about React project architecture and component design | Product Hunt

It's used by thousands of engineers to level up their React skills, and companies who need a style guide to build better React applications. But don't take my word for it, here's what people have to say.

"I found the Tao of React when I was just starting my career as a React Native developer. I was a junior developer at the time and it helped with my confidence so much. I found myself referring to the book before googling anything!"

- Aaron Thompson

"It's a great reference. I use it a lot when I need to justify my choices. I actually often say things like "Alexander Kondov said that in Tao of React". I can't wait to read the new one!"

- Alexandre Pinel

"I came across the Tao of React and I went from just 'trying' things out to having a clear understanding of bootstrapping a React project from scratch. Tao of React is infact my default recommendation for Junior developers."

- Aremu Oluwagbamila, Frontend Engineer, Quidax

"Tao of React is nothing short of amazing! It's the missing guide for react developers to make sense of the complexity or how to avoid it."

- Joshua Chu

Always up-to-date

Tao of React is my continuous promise to the React community. It's a source of timeless best practices and patterns that will aid you in your journey of building front-end applications. Any time you get the book, you will be reading the current best practices in the industry.

Its last update was in December 2023, adding 15+ more rules and putting an emphasis on frameworks. Its next update will be when React 19 is officially released.

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2024 Edition

All 4 chapters, containing 80+ rules, described in 170 pages. That's it.

About the author

I'm a software engineer by day, writer by night and Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast in between.

I've been building React apps since 2016. I lead a team at the Financial Times, building the UIs for their niche media products. Before that I wrote React for early stage startups and had a go at running my own. It helped me realise I care more about the craft than building a business.

My aim is to pass down what I've learned about architecture and software design through my books. Tao of React is the first in a series.

You can follow me on Twitter @AlexanderKondov, connect on LinkedIn or read more content at


Why is it called Tao?

Tao is the absolute principle of the universe in Chinese philosophy. Tao of React is a collection of my foundational principles for building applications.

Will this book teach me React?

This isn't a book about the fundamentals of React. The best time to read it is when you are familiar with React and want to take your skills to the next level.

Does it cover libraries?

The focus on the book is on pure React. Popular libraries are mentioned in a few places but knowledge of them is not required to understand the book.

How opinionated is it?

It describes the way I build React applications so you can say it's opinionated, yes. It's a good starting point that you can break out of depending on your problem.

Can I get a discount?

I want this book to be accessible. If you can't afford it message me on Twitter or LinkedIn and we'll sort it out.

What if I don't like it?

No worries, I'll give you a full refund.

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